Home People Residents Sudden Death – Tea-Table Tragedy At Darfield – Heart Failure.

Sudden Death – Tea-Table Tragedy At Darfield – Heart Failure.

May 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 25 1928

Sudden Death.

Tea-Table Tragedy At Darfield.

Heart Failure.

An inquest was held at Wombwell on Tuesday on Samuel Gleadall (32), collier, Hoyland Street. Wombwell, who died suddenly on Sunday at the home of a friend at Darfield.

The widow, Ethel Gleadhall, said she knew her husband had a “bad heart,” and he had been under the care of Dr. W. C. Jardine. On Sunday they went to the house of a friend named Cadwell at 31, Nanny Marr, Darfield, witness going by ‘bus and her husband following. Eventually he arrived at the Cadwells and they had just sat down to tea when he leaned forward on the table and died shortly afterwards.

Deceased’s father Charles Gleadhall, said when his son arrived at the Cadwells he expressed a wish to have some singing. remarking. •’ We will have an anniversary of our own.

John Cadwell said he had known deceased two years. Gleadhall arrived at his house about 3 o’clock. It was just turned 5 o’clock when he fell forward and died.

The Coroner: Had you noticed anything wrong with him?

Sir, In fact I thought he was in better health than I am. He was always jolly.

The father said that when his son went to join the army during the war he was warned against exerting himself. They had always known that he had a weak heart.

Dr. W. C. Jardine said lie had known for several Tears that deceased had fairly extensive heart disease. Witness had warned him several times about it. His death was consistent with the condition of this heart. A verdict in accordance with the medical evidence was returned.