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Swindler at Barnsley Great Fair

Leeds Intelligencer Tuesday, October 19 1790

At Barnsley Great Fair on Monday last, a Swindler made use of the following mode to trick and eminent farmer from the neighbourhood of Darfield, near the place, out of six fat pigs:

He examined them to all appearance of the greatest care and circumspection, and after complimenting the farmer on the excellency of his breed of pigs, purchased them; ordering the famer to call upon him (mentioning, it is supposed an assumed name) at his public house in the afternoon.

In consequence of this the farmer left the purchaser to drive off the pigs, which he did to a small distance, and then immediately resold them at the very trifling lot of 3 half crowns a head (£2.25 in total).

The Swindler, however stipulated for immediate payment, and having been handed the cash, made off with it.

The Farmer attended at the time and place appointed, where he remained for some hours, without meeting with his wished for contractor. He sallied out, and having obtained intelligence which road his pigs were gone, pursued and overtook them.

But judge how great was his astonishment when instead of being able either to touch the cash or recovery the swine, he found that his friend had disposed of his bacon to 2 farmers of a neighbouring village, whom (after telling his swindling story to) he kindly assisted to drive home their Barnsley Fairings!