June 1951

South Yorkshire Times June, 1951


June 2

A Young Lad working at an isolated dales farm suddenly decided to leave his situation.

Asked why, by a friend, he blurted out: “Well ah’ll tell thee. A month sin’ a calf died and we had to eat it; then three week’, a cow died and we had to eat that, too; a fortnit sin’ a pig died, and that’s abaht etten nah.”

“But surely,” exclaimed the friend, “that’s nooan a reason for leavin!”

“Noa,” said the lad, “but ah’ve just fun aht as t’Missis deed this mornin’.”

(“Yorkshire illustrated”).

June 9

An Irishman sweeping up at a Yorkshire Works went to the former and complained that the head had come off his brush. The foreman told him to see the carpenter and get it fixed.

An hour or two later he came to the foreman again and said: “You remember me coming to tell you the head had come off my brush. Well, Sorr, the sticks, come off now!”