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The Darfield Postmaster in Terror – Strange Allegations.  .

August 1897

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Wednesday 18 August 1897

The Darfield Postmaster in Terror. 

Strange Allegations.  .

At Barnsley today before Mr. C. Brady and a full  bench. George Dickinson, postmaster Darfield preferred  a charge of uttering threats against John Peatfield, labourer, and Elizabeth, his wife, on the 12th instand he prayed sureties of the peace against them, verily believing that lie was danger of receiving  bodily harm their hands.

Mr. Carringtcn for complainant:  Mr. Rideal for defendant.

The complainant’s case was that some time ago defendant’s son was  in the defendant’s service at the post office, and  consequence of certain reports the lad was dismissed  from the service. This seemed have excited the anger of the defendants, and about eight o’clock on the morning the 12th when he delivering lettars  Mrs. Peatfield ran out of her house, clenched her  fist at complainant, and threatened him. Her husband followed, who was excited, and said he would  “split him down the middle” and the female defendant  said. “Yes, will help you.” They flourished their  fists threateningly, and complainant believed that if  sureties of the peace were not granted something  would happen to him.

Mr. Rideal cross-examined complainant to show that defendants’ son had been the employ of the post office as letter carrier, and that he (complainant) had received 8s. 6d. weekly from the department, and had given the lad only 6s.  a week, and that the discovery of this and a subsequent  charge of dishonesty prepared by the complainant,  and leading to the dismissal of the  defendant’s son, was the cause of what took place; and further,  that the “cutting down” referred was a “cutting  down” in the price milk which complainant  sold.

Defendant said he expected the “cutting down” was with the fist.

The Bench held there had been a quarrel, which should not have come before the court.  Case dismissed.