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The Royal Visit – July 9th – Mexborough Loyalty

July 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 13 July 1912

Mexborough Loyalty

The good people of Mexborough displayed their loyalty in no uncertain fashion. Flags and streamers were flying gaily from near Lake every residence, worship, business establishment and cottage.

But the awful event at Cadeby had turned the day of rejoicing into a day of sadness. Even before the royal cars passed, most of the flags have been lowered to half-mast. The children, nevertheless, where there flags with ecstasy, and there was no mistaking the loyalty of the Mexborough citizens.

Lusty Hip! Hip! Hurrahs escaped from the throats of the schoolchildren assembled in various parts of the township, and patriotic airs were sung as the Royal party slowly passed.

Though the honour of their majesties presence was only for a brief period on Tuesday, the occasion will long be remembered. The Royal party entered Mexborough about 12:30 on their way to Hickleton Hall, amid a voiceless display of loyalty, giving the inhabitants an excellent opportunity of seeing their King and Queen.

In front of the Montagu Arms hotel, which was very gaily decorated, the councillors and public officials, with Mr John Ward, J.P. at the end, meant to pay homage to Royalty, and assembled in the Square were thousands of schoolchildren. The sombre -looking Square have been effectively decorated by Mr Grainger, by the erection of a decorated platform and ornamental arch, the effect being most pleasing. There Majesties were given a magnificent welcome, as Council officials, civilians, women, and children greeted with loud acclaim the coming of their King and Queen.

The Royal cars then took the Market Street and Church Street route, where the townspeople were vociferous, in the demonstration of their loyalty.

Past the Parish Church

As the Royal procession passed the Parish Church, outside the gates were gathered the white robed choirs of the Parish and Saint Georges Churches, headed by the clergy, together with the Church Bible Class, and members of the congregation. The bells rang out a merry peel, and the choir broke forth into the strains of the National Anthem. The cars slowed down to walking pace, and the scholars of the National School testified to the loyal spirit prevailing among them by singing “God Say the King,” together with a manifold display of flags and ribbons of the Royal hue.

Historic Castle Hills

On the ground adjoining the Castle Hill were grouped the children of the Adwick Road, Garden Street, Main Street and Doncaster Road schools, numbering approximately some 2500 children. With their flags and tri-coloured ribbon they made up a glorious blaze of colour. As the Royal cavalcade passed the familiar National Anthem was most fervently and to fully sung.

Undoubtedly the finest decoration along the line of with us to be seen at “Leafy Bank,” a residence of Mr Thomas Weston (late of the Reresby Arms, Denaby Main), in Church St, Mexborough.

On the Gables were plaques bearing the inscription, “God Save the King and Queen,” and the Royal cipher respectively. Around the house were banners, with loyal inscription, and over the windows were portraits of their Majesties. A triumphal arch stretched across the road, from which hung a banner with the words, “Good luck to your Majesties” emblazoned upon it. As the crowd demonstratively welcomed their Majesties, the Royal couple smilingly bowed their acknowledgement.

In Creswell’s Row, one humble cottage had made up a most effective scheme of decoration, which set a noble example to the rest of householders in the township. The decoration was much admired. The word “Welcome” was printed in large streamer erected at the approach the works of Messrs Waddington and son in Swinton Road.

During the whole period of the time in Mexborough, the townspeople were very enthusiastic, and we are inclined to think that the King and Queen will not soon forget the grand reception which they received.