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Theft of Coal at Darfield – Stealing Neighbour’s Coal

January 1897

Sheffield Independent January 23, 1897

Mean Theft of Coal at Darfield

At the Barnsley West Riding Police Court House yesterday, a bad case of stealing a neighbour’s coal was heard from Darfield.

The prisoners were William Thompson, miner, and Charles Thompson, moulder, brothers, living at Darfield, and the form was charged with having stolen ½ hundredweight of coal.

This, the property of Charles Pearson, innkeeper, Millhouses, Darfield, and the other prisoner (Charles)  was charged with having received the coal knowing it to be stolen, on the 16th.

A young couple, Betsy Potts and George Ranson, labourer, were standing together near to the prisoner’s house about 9 o’clock on the night named, when they saw William go three times to the coal heap of the prosecutor close by, and returned each time with a large piece of coal, which he handed to the prisoner Charles, who was waiting.

Information was given to the prosecutor, who kept watch, and caught William in the act of taking the coal.

Police constable Mann and police constable Grundy gave evidence of arrest, adding that large lumps of coal were found in the cellar.

William pleaded guilty, saying he sent for some beer from the prosecutor’s house, and he gave him short measure, so he got the coal to make it up. (Laughter)

Charles declared he was in bed at the time.

William was sent to jail for one month, and Charles for 14 days.