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Three Local Appointments on Magistrates Bench

December 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 6, 1929

Three Local Appointments on Magistrates Bench

Among 47 fresh appointments to the Bench of magistrates of the West Riding of Yorkshire which have just been approved by the Lord Chancellor on recommendation of the Lord-Lieutenant of the country, are those of three prominent men in South Yorkshire:

Mr. J.R.H. Warde-Aldam of Frickley Hall; county aldermen T.H.Fulston, of Darfield; and Mr G.W.Bramhan of Mexborough

Mr. J.R.H. Warde-Aldam

Mr Ralph Ward Oldham is the son of Mrs Ward Alden, of Hooton Pagnell Hall, and of the late Mr W.W.Ward Oldham, J.P. of Frickley Hall.

He is 37 years of age and lives at Frickley Hall, the home of his father and grandfather. He was educated at Eton and Oxford where he took first-clime honours in history. He has recently been promoted from the rank of captain to that of major in the Yorkshire Dragoons, with which regiment he served during the war. He was twice wounded. He has travelled extensively in Canada and the United States and visited Persia and India last year. In 1924 he married the youngest daughter of Mr. P. S. Neville, of Skelbrooke Hall, and has two sons and one daughter. He is a Consorvative, a past president of the Doncaster Unionist Assiociation, and contested Middlesbrough at the election in 1924 and Central Sheffield this year. Mr. Warde-Aldam is interested in hunting. and is co- F.M.H. of the Badsworth Hunt with Major Holliday. He is a director of the Aire and Calder and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Companies

Mr. G. W. Bramhan.

Mr. W. Bramhan during his period as chairman of the Mexborough Urban Council in 1927 served ex- officio on the Bench at Doncaster.

Born at Mexborough in 1874. Mr. Bramhan was educated at Garden Street School at the time Mr. W K. Hudson was headmaster. He started work at Barron’s Glass Works at Mexborough at the age of 13, and at the age of 20 secured employment as an engine cleaner on the Great Central Railway. Ln 1894 he was promoted to the position of fireman and removed to Keadby. He returned to Mexborough in 1903 and in 1904 was made an engine driver.

Mr. Bramhan was first elected to the borough Council is 1919 and sat for three years when he was defeated. He was returned in 1922 and is still a member. He was elected chairman of the Council in 1227. He has held the chairmanships of the Sanitary Committee (1220-21), the Allotments, Burials, and Buildings Committees, and Rating and Valuation Committee. In 1927 he was chairman of the King’s Roll Committee, and is a member of the Mexborough Unemployment Committee, Court of Referees, Doncaster and Mexborough War Pensions Committee, a life governor of the Montagu Hospital, a member of the Great Central (L.N.E.R.) and Joint Lines Friendly Society and Pensions Fund Committee. He was appointed chairman of the local branch of the N.U.R. in 1895, and held the position for 11 years. For the past 20 years he has been treasurer of the Drivers and Firemen’s Sick Relief Fund. For his services in this connection, he was presented with a gold watch in 1927.

Ald. T. H. Foulstone.

Aid. Thomas H. Foulstone has been a prominent figure in the public life of the Darfield district for 20 years or more. He was a contemporary in his early years of public life of the late Mr. Samuel Roebuck, a capable and scholarly she official of the Y.M.A. Both Mr. Foulstone and Mr. Roebuck, with several other members of the older school of the Labour Party in Wombwell and Darfield, were identified with a literary circle through which they gained experience as speakers. Mr Foulstone has specialised in education and attended regularly the meetings of the Wombwell Education Sub-Committee, of which he is a member by virtue of his seat on the West Riding Education Committee. He saw the realisation of his ambitions when the new middle school at Wombwell was opened early in the year. He was a champion of education for workers long, before such facilities as they .now enjoy were obtainable.

For many years Mr. Foulstone has been a member of the Darfield Urban Council and at present is chairman of the Housing Committee, in. which capacity he has done notable work; for Darfield has good reason to be proud of their activities in housing.

Mr. Foulstone is also closely identified with trade union work and is an official of the Y.M.A. He is a good speaker and has a thorough grasp of local government.Now, and criminals can