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Two Darfield Terrors

November 1907

Leeds Mercury November 16, 1907

Two Darfield Terrors

Two burly pit sinkers, Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Thomas Fitzpatrick, were at Barnsley yesterday, sent to jail for a month each for having assaulted police constable Aspinall and police Sgt Lancaster, at Great Houghton, on Thursday afternoon.

On account of their drunkenness, the men were refused admission to the Houghton Old Hall Hotel. Thereupon they started to terrify the neighbourhood, and the two policemen had to obtain civilian assistance before they could arrest the men, and they then had to take them to the police station in a cart.

The men were also fine for drunkenness, and Fitzpatrick was also ordered to pay the damage and costs for having broken a window in the police station.