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Woman’s Body in Dearne – Darfield Search Ended – Verdict Of “Found Drowned”

March 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 29 March 1941

Woman’s Body in Dearne

Darfield Search Ended

Verdict Of “Found Drowned”

A verdict of ” Found Drowned ” was recorded by the Doncaster District Coroner (Mr. W. H. Carlile), at an inquest at Goldthorpe on Tuesday, on Ellen Wilson (65), widow, of 6, North Street, Darfield, whose body was recovered from the River Dearne at Adwick on Sunday, after she had been missing since February 19th.

Arthur Wilson, of 6, North Street. Darfleld, said for twelve years his mother had suffered from diabetes, and was blind in one eye as a result; the other eye being also somewhat affected. On Wednesday, February 19th witness came home from work and found the house locked, and had to get through a window. He waited until midnight for his mother, and then informed the police she was missing. He identified the body by his mother’s wedding ring, and also the lower part of the jaw.

Leonard Beckett, of Manor Farm, Adwick, said he was walking on Sunday near the river when he saw the body tangled in a tree branch which overhung the river. He pulled the body to the bank and went for the police. Stanley Bissett, of 40, Barnsley Road. Darfleld, said he saw Mrs. Wilson walking along the bridle path from Little Houghton to Darfield on Tuesday, February 18th. The path was a few yards from a bridge over the Dearne.

Dr. J. W. Whitworth, of Darfield. said Mrs. Wilson had been his patient for six years. She was suffering from diabetes and was blind in one eye. She had asked witness if anything could be done for her, but nothing could be done. Witness last saw her live on Monday. February 14th, when she visited his surgery and complained of severe headaches. Witness had seen the body on which there were no marks of violence. There was nothing to suggest that the cause of death was anything but drowning.

P.c. J. J. Dent, stationed at Goldthorpe, said he helped to recover the body, which was clothed in a vest, skirt and stockings.