Home Sports Football Yorkshire Shield – Barnsley 1 Dearne Valley 2 – Fine Goalkeeping

Yorkshire Shield – Barnsley 1 Dearne Valley 2 – Fine Goalkeeping

April 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 8, 1927

Yorkshire Shield (Fourth Round)
Fine Goalkeeping
Dearne Valley Snap Their Chances

Barnsley 1 Dearne Valley 2

In the first half it was Barnsley attack versus Dearne Valley defence for 20 of the 35 minutes. Then came the blunder of Barnsley’s new and nervous goalkeeper and Dyson’s prompt acceptance of “a gift.”

After that the Dearne Valley forwards had a lot more confidence in themselves and a lot more of the game.

In the second half hour Barnsley went out for blood and again and again battered themselves against the Dearne Valley defence. That was rocklike up to a point. Gibbs, Ellis and Thorley were the three lads who chiefly foiled Barnsley in the first half, but towards the end Pine and Greenhaigh ran both players off their feet and it was left Gibbs alone to save his side.

Yet the half was not too long in progress before Dearne Valley were two up. They broke away occasionally and it was significant that whenever they did the Barnsley defence was at full stretch. One strong shop had been saved on this occasion when Butcher saw an opening and put the ball nicely into the corner of the net, all along the ground. It was after that that the Barnsley lads got fierce. They fought back against the odds in really admirable manner and the Dearne Valley defence was tried to the utmost.

Ellis cracked up under the strain, and losing his head, fired a piledriver into his own net. Encouraged, the Barnsley boys put still more fire into their work but were defied to the end.

Gibbs (above picture) was splendid. He is easily the coolest and most resourceful schoolboy goalkeeper I have seen this season. Even a greasy ball and slippery turf did not wholly disturb his poise. He was undoubtedly the outstanding player of the match

Team: Gibbs (Darfield); Wilson (Darfield), Ellis (Thurnscoe); Pickering (Thurnscoe), Briggs (Hemingfield), Thorley(Wath National), Clarke (Broomhill), Butcher (Hemingfield), Dyson (Wombwell Park Street), Law (Brampton), Chipchase (Hemingfield)