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Obituary – Councillor Lazenby of Darfield.

April 1904
Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Tuesday 19 April 1904 Obituary Councillor Lazenby, of Darfield. Councillor George Lazenby of Bridge Terrace, Darfield, died at his residence yesterday morning. He has...

Darfield Miner Attempts Suicide

August 1904
Sheffield Independent - Tuesday 23 August 1904 Darfield Miner Attempts Suicide John Flynn. aged 57 rears, miner, in lodgings at 10 Pit Street, Low Valley. Darfield,...

A Hat Hunt at Barnsley.

October 1904
Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Thursday 20 October 1904 A Hat Hunt at Barnsley. "We are very sorry for the hat, but, you see. the boys...