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1907 Quarter 3

Pony Driver Crushed to Death

July 1907
Leeds Mercury, July 8, 1907 A pony driver named Ed Sizer, aged 16, of Orchard Street, Wombwell, while following his employment at the Darfield Main...

The Catholic School at Low Valley

July 1907
Barnsley Chronicle July 20, 1907 The school difficulty at Low Valley, a little mining village between Wombwell and Darfield, is still sorely vexing the local...

Darfield C.C. – Darfield 32 for 0 Houghton 22

July 1907
Barnsley Chronicle July 13, 1907 Darfield easily maintained their unbeaten record against Houghton, whom they disposed of for an insignificant 22, the innings proving little...

Darfield C.C. – Darfield 35 for 1 Stairfoot & Ardsley 34

August 1907
Barnsley Chronicle August 10, 1907 Another big bowling performance by W Brown, who has had a remarkably successful season, enabled Darfield to mop the floor...